Responsible Industry for Community and Environment

We are Natural Allies. We’re a group of like-minded citizens and employers in Minnesota who are dedicated to understanding the complexities of protecting our state’s unique natural environment and maintaining its strong economy. We know that healthy wild rice can coexist with industry, so we advocate for science-based regulatory solutions that will enhance both jobs and the environment.

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Wild Rice Research and Science

Minnesota’s environmental policies are designed to balance the diverse needs of a strong economy and vibrant natural environment. Each of us plays a role in protecting and enhancing our environment. We encourage you to participate in the regulatory process to help create policies that are informed by sound science and maintain balance between our natural resources and the needs of our communities.

Research conducted by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) and independent scientists demonstrates that Minnesota’s current sulfate water quality standard for protecting wild rice is not based on best available science and should be amended to consider other habitat and environmental needs that impact the ability of wild rice to grow in Minnesota waters. There are many unanswered questions about enhancing wild rice habitat, and time is needed to understand what is necessary to ensure wild rice and wild rice habitats thrive throughout the state.

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We Respect the Importance of Wild Rice

Wild rice is deeply significant to all Minnesotans, and it remains an important aspect of our state’s cultural identity. Wild rice is spiritually, culturally, nutritionally and economically significant to Minnesota’s Tribes who have harvested it for centuries. Together, we can protect this tradition, our environment and our state’s economy.

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