We are Natural Allies, Responsible Industry for Community and Environment. We’re a group of like-minded citizens and employers in Minnesota who are dedicated to understanding the complexities of enhancing our state’s unique natural environment and maintaining its strong economy. We know that healthy wild rice can coexist with industry, so we advocate for science-based regulatory solutions that will enhance communities, jobs and the environment.

There are many factors that are important to consider in the preservation and growth of the wild rice habitat. Maintaining healthy wild rice depends on more than one aspect of our environment. While Minnesota has historically focused its efforts on protecting wild rice through a sulfate water quality standard, we know that many natural factors impact wild rice’s ability to grow, including water levels, water temperature, invasive species, shoreland development and more. These physical, hydrological, biological and natural factors may be more decisive than sulfate levels in determining the presence and health of wild rice strands.

Natural Allies was founded after citizen leaders, employees and industry leaders came together under a common purpose: to foster an open, fact and science-based dialogue on enhancing healthy habitat to foster wild rice growth in Minnesota.

We are grounded in common values:


We think, listen, speak and act respectfully with all stakeholders that care about wild rice, Minnesota’s environment and the region’s economy.


We approach these complex issues from a foundation of fact and science-based knowledge.


We acknowledge wild rice is spiritually, culturally and economically significant and recognize there are diverse views on how best to protect this resource.


We can accomplish more when we work together.